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The Art Hunters Handbook

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Art Hunters Handbook, West Highland Art AuctionsTHE ART HUNTERS HANDBOOK


By Les and Sue Fox

N.Y. Times Bestselling Authors



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The Art Hunters Handbook is an Antiques Roadshow type book that reveals Trade Secrets to finding valuable paintings at garage sales and flea markets. The cover photo is the true story of Ripening Pears, a 19th century masterpiece by Joseph Decker bought at a garage sale for $5 and sold to the National Gallery of Art for $1,000,000! Will you find a million-dollar painting for five bucks? Probably not. But you might find a $5,000 painting for $100. Think Of This Book As A Lottery Ticket, the Foxes claim, With Better Odds. The Art Hunters Handbook is a profusely illustrated art book for the average person, not just art collectors. Based on decades of personal experience, it contains dozens of exciting stories of art discovered in garage sales, schools, attics, basements, farmhouses, estates, even in the trash, often bought for very little and sold for a lot. Believe it or not, by following the simple Art Hunter Tips in this book (like don't assume a painting isn't valuable just because you don't like it, especially modern art), and comparing the Artist Profiles of 120 American, European and Latin American artists, Les and Fox say they'd be surprised if you don't find several valuable paintings a year.  Although this book is intended for people who love The Antiques Roadshow and American Pickers, the Foxes are knowledgeable art experts with a knack for plain talk and common sense. You won't be intimidated by this art book. Instead, will find it as entertaining as a page-turner novel. This book will introduce you to 240,000 artists whose paintings are worth $1,000 to $10,000,000, most of whom you've probably never heard of.  The only way to find out who's who, with Les and Sue Fox as your personal guides, is to read The Art Hunters Handbook.


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Les and Sue Fox Predicted The Scream Would Sell For $135 Million!

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